Therapeutic Philosophy

Psychotherapy is not easily described in general statements. It varies depending on the personalities of the therapist and client, and the particular problems you are experiencing. There are many different methods I may use to deal with the problems that you hope to address.​

Counseling includes your active involvement as well as efforts to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You will have to work both in and out of the counseling sessions.There are no instant, painless, passive cures or “magic pills”. Instead there will be homework assignments, exercises, writing and journaling and perhaps other projects. Most likely, you will have to work on relationships and make long-term efforts. Sometimes change will be easy and swift, but more often it will be slow and deliberate.​

My theoretical and philosophical framework includes Cognitive, Behavioral and Psychodynamic schools of thought. My approach Is educational and interactive. As a therapist and Life Coach, I provide compassionate care, insight, challenge and perspective.